Playlist 019

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Laure Catugier
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Armando Trovajoli – Woman’s parfume
LA Priest – Beginning
Yves Tumor – Strawberry privilege
SAULT – Wildfires
Yo La Tengo – You can have it all
Toro y Moi – Blessa (instrumental)
Renée Reed – Until tomorrow
P’tit Belliveau – Les bateaux dans la baie
Papooz – Moon pie
Hector Gachan – Really something

Chemise ouverte, cheveux au vent. Un bateau qui tangue, un orteil qui s’abime sur les rochers. Bonjour l’été.

Playlist 018

→ Sélection Morgane pour shadazz
→ Photo Rasmus Strøyer
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Frank Harris & Maria Marquez – Loveroom
Michelle Blades – Amor sin destino
Silver Jews – Random rules
Keel her – Complain train
Milton Nascimento – Dos cruces
Jimmy Hunt – Le silence
Maston – Turning in
Dalida – Je me repose
The Durutti Column – Sketch for summer
Melenas – Primer tiempo

Un voyage temporel de goût par l’inimitable Momo.

Playlist 017

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Louise Quignon
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Molly Burch – Candy
The Buttertones – Matador
Better Person – Sentiment
Shams Dinn – Hedi bled noum
Enjoy – The walk
Cass McCombs – Bum bum bum
The Amps – Pacer
Dane Disgrace – Shades away
Elia y Elizabeth – Fue una lagrima
Black Lips – Arabia mountain

Shadazzz ! Epiphanie ou cheveu sur la la langue ?

Playlist 016

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Milena Pazos
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I Level – Minefield
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration information
Gwen McCrae – Hey world
Johny Bristol – Hang on in there baby
Gene Dunlap – It’s just the way i feel
Instant Funk – Tonight we’re gonna make love
Smokey Robinson – Who’s sad
Gwen Guthrie – Your turn to burn
The Meters – Loving you is on my mind
Eddie Kendricks – Bernadette

Sur les traces du Disco disquette, de la soul, du funk et de leurs nombreuses étiquettes. Sweet Bernadette.

Playlist 015

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Anais Ramos
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Jimmy Whispers – I love you
GUM – Serotonin
Waxahatchee – 8 ball
Bullion- Hula
Spiritualized – Come together
Farah – Dancing girls
EZTV – Racing country
Feels – Car
Her’s – Blue lips
Insecure Man – Cliff has left the building

Easy Branleur en tenue de saison : merguez maillot à fleur.

Playlist 014

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Iggy Smalls
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Charlie Megira – Tomorrow’s gone
Choir Boy – Gathering swans
Black Marble – One eye open
Crack Cloud – Ouster stew
Cyrus Gengras – No chain
Billy Uomo – Alone together
Sam Evian – Right down the line
Freak Slug – Disorder
Katy J. Pearson – Hey you
Jonathan Personne – Comme personne

Demain est déjà parti, concentrons-nous sur aujourd’hui. De la pop aventureuse pour écouter le désordre.

Playlist 013

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Flora Mathieu
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Stereolab – Lo boob oscillator
Enjoy – You mean a lot
Lebanon Hanover – Gravity sucks
Suicide – Diamond, fur coat, champagne
Antonio Williams – Changes
Michael Hurley – Penguins
Pavement – Harness your hopes
Fox The Fox – Precious little diamond
Steve Lacy – C u girl
KYO – To all my future lovers

« It is a fire that wants to burst forth and it could not care less about what we are doing up here » – Werner Herzog

Playlist 012

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Clément Moussière
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Jay Som – Tenderness
Tokyo Tea Room – Things are changing
Kevin Krauter – Green eyes
Las Kellies – He’s who
Preoccupations – Unconscious melody
Molchat Doma – Tocka
Deeper – Lake song
The Marias – Jupiter
Ellie Bleach – Jackie O
Quelle Rox – Rollercoaster of a ride

De la douceur langoureuse à la rythmique tapageuse, un mode post-confinement qui nous tend les bras.

Playlist 011

→ Sélection shadazz
→ Photo Alexandre Chamelat
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TOY – My heart skips a beat
Thee Oh Sees – Sweets helicopter
Lina Tulgren, NTHNL – Always fine
Boogarins – 6000 dias
Kikagaku Moyo – Majupose
Temples – You’re either on something
Anemone – Daffodils
Morgan Delt – I don’t wanna see what’s happening outside
Melody’s Echo Chamber – You won’t be missing that part of me
Mild High Club – Chasing my tail

« To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic. » – Humphrey Osmond

Playlist 010

→ Playlist collaborative « stay home club ». Dream pop & synth pop contemplative.
→ Photo Anaïs
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Beach House – Childhood
Kevin Krauter – Green eyes
Hubert Lenoir – Recommencer
Tokyo Tea Room – Always tomorrow
Motorama – The new era
Lispector – The actress in the background
Homeshake – Nothing could be better
Pablo Alfaya – Sad night, dancing
Balck Marble – Private show
Slowdive – Here she comes
The Horrors – Still life
Lio – You go to my head
Julee Cruise – Mysteries of love
Muddy Monk – Si l’on ride
Galaxie 500 – Blue thunder
Men I Trust – Found me
Tops – Colder & closer
Lewis Ofman – Flash
Ara Macao – Canyon
Machinegum – Sugar and vice
The KVB – On my skin
DIIV – Like before you were born
No Fun Haus – Take it back
No Vaccation – Days
Daft Punk – Veridis quo
Maria Violenza – Young boy

Playlist collaborative réalisée dans le cadre du « stay home club ».
Thème : Synth-pop et dream-pop contemplative.
Avec les participations de julien, intramoros, julie, pierre, anaïs, satio et charly.

Playlist 009

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
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Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek – Nem kaldı
Allah Las – Prazer em te conhecer
Balladur – Angka satu
Spectral Display – There’s a virus going round
Sorry Girls – Waking up
Gents – Careful
Dana Gavanski – Catch
Perfection – Congrats
Grimm Grimm – The ghost of madame legros feat Laetitia Sadier
Andrea Lazlo de Simone – Immensità

Les temps se mélangent, l’ennui s’allonge, la musique s’étire.

Playlist 008

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
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Psychic Ills – Might take a while
The Sandpipers – Enamorado
DIIV – Like before your were born
Reptaliens – Venetian blinds
Homeshake – Just like my
Patrizia Pellegrino – Automaticamore
Lost Under Heaven – For the wild
Michael Rault – New day tonight
Julee Cruise – Rockin’ back inside my heart
Paul Jacobs – Heaven or hell

Soudain envahit par le songe de grands espaces sauvages aux confins du monde américain.
Je bascule sur le rocking-chair et contemple à peu près les plaines arides du Colorado
Un bouffée d’air à la fenêtre et un Western à la télévision.
Le voyage c’est dans la tronche.

Playlist 007

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
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Kurt Vile – One trick ponies
Pregoblin – Combustion
The Fernweh – one hundred flowers bloom
World Brain – Made you cry
Ryuichi Sakomoto – Tibetan dance
Sonny & The Sunsets – Too young to burn
Real Estate & Sylvan Esso – Paper cut
Nico – I’ll keep it with mine
Wampire – Trains
Molly Nilson – Not today satan

Délaissez les grands axes, place à la vie de salon. En chanson. Lot de consolation.

Playlist 006

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
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Alex Nicol – And i wonder
Twin Peaks – Better than stoned
fern – 5 a.m at the moxy
M!R!M – Survive
Emerson Snowe – Could you love me?
TOPS – I feel alive
Altin Gün – Derdimi dökersem
Domenique Dumont – Sans cesse, mon chéri
Weyes Blood – Andromeda
Strawberry Guy – Without you

Interrogations, spleen et résurgence synthétique pour humeur électrique. Poursuite de quarantaine.

Playlist 005

→ Sélection by Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
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Lower Dens – Real thing
Winter & Triptides – Desaparecidos
Ice Age & Sky Ferreira – Pain killer
The Charlatans – Sonic
Chris Cohen – Edit out
Stereolab – Interlock
Fiction – Museum
Post Animal – Safe or not
Goat Girl – Than man
John Maus – Sensitive recollections

Musique du monde occidental transgen-re-ération, à écouter en quarantaine.

Playlist 004

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
→ Écouter directement sur Spotify ou sur Apple Music

Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven – I’ll take care of you
Helado Negro – Running
Yves Tumor & Blood Orange – Smoke
Daniel Lopatin – The ballad of howie bling
Sofie – 99 glimpses
Porridge Radio – Eugh
Becky and the Birds – Do u miss me
Jenny Hval – High alice
Big Thief – Not
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – 2

Pop sombre et brumeuse pour apprécier la lumière à sa juste valeur.

Playlist 003

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
→ Écouter directement sur Spotify ou sur Apple Music

Rexy – Running out of time
Mood Rings – Minor slaloms
Cate Le Bon – Are you with me now?
Modern English – I melt with you
Sean Nicholas Savage – Livin it up
The Besnard Lakes – People of the sticks
Girls – Ghost mouth
Atlas Sound – Lightworks
Jagwar Ma – Did you have to
Beach Fossils – Adversity

Rock baroque, d’aujourd’hui, d’hier, d’époque. On se laisse cooler par la tiédeur de Février.

photo by anais ramos

Playlist 002

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
→ Écouter directement sur Spotify ou sur Apple Music

Boy Harsher – Lost
Porches – Rangerover
Motorama – Wind in her hair
Jackie Mendoza – De lejos
Morabeza Tobacco – TTYL
De Ambassade – Jerney
Cindy Lee – The last train’s come and gone’s
Anthony Naples – Drifter
WIVES – The futur is a drag
C Cat Trance – Shake the mind

Cold wave, pop wave et quelques autres waves venues d’un peu partout.

photo by anais ramos

Playlist 001

→ Sélection Shadazz
→ Photo Anaïs
→ Écouter directement sur Spotify ou sur Apple Music

Juan wauters – el hombre de la calle
Ducktails – answered in a prayer
Swim deep – to feel good
Lust for youth – fifth terrace
Blood orange – benzo
Drug dealer – fools
The garden (feat marc demarco) – thy mission
Kevin morby – hail mary
Sorry girls – one that you want
The fat white family – oh sebastian

Du son de 2000-19 pour inaugurer 2000-20, ne jamais faire aujourd’hui ce que tu peux faire demain.