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The Safdie brothers

For more than a decade now, two brothers, born and bred in the Queens, have tried hard to capture the beauty and rhythm of their resourceful and hopeless New York. Ben and Joshua Safdie tell us about hounds of junkies. They give us a shaky bleached hair Robert Pattinson and dive us in the meandering of jewelry smuggling with Adam Sandler. All that, with a delightful and depraved original soundtrack recently entrusted to Oneohtrix Point Never.

→ Playlist of 9 tracks from their different soundtracks
→ Movies : Heaven Knows What, Good Time, Uncut Gems, Lenny and the Kids

Oneohtrix Point Never – Romance apocalypse
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
Juan Wauters – There’s something still there
Daniel Lopatin – The ballad of howie bling
Michael Hurley – Penguins
Oneohtrix Point Never – Good time
Ministry – Work for love
Oneohtrix Point Never feat Iggy Pop – The pure and the damned

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→ New track from Sam Eastgate aka LA Priest
→ His second album will be released on April 2020
→ Spacial and destructured groove

→ New track from Montreal group TOPS
→ A 4th album « I Feel Alive » will be out on April 3th
→ This album will be released on their own label